Films May 08, 2012

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Update: The website has been renamed to Moviies and has a new URL:

Movie review websites are too complicated. Of course, there is always official websites like Event Cinemas but look at it.... there is so much going on with that website I don't even know where to look!

More often than not when it comes to finding a movie to see I head over to Apple trailers.

Unfortunately, this isn't Australian-specific. It gets confusing trying to work out which films are Now Showing in Australia and which are still yet to come. Plus there are no ratings or reviews available.

Wouldn't you agree that a perfect website would be an Australian-specific one that simply provides a clean interface of all the currently showing movies along with a trailer, session times and some sort of review/score system?

Well that is exaclty what I have tried to create with Rotub* Films.